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Cancer Bats

Searching For Zero CD Album

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Release Date: 09/03/2015

Discs: 1

Searching For Zero is impressive in its polarity – simultaneously the most melodic yet menacing Cancer Bats release, incorporating the crude hardcore punk of their 2006 debut, Birthing The Giant and more metal leanings of 2008’s Hail Destroyer while pushing the heavy hybrid sounds of 2010’s Mayors Bears Scraps and Bones and 2012’s darker Dead Set On Living to a new plateau. 

No More Bull Shit…” asserts singer Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats “That was our declaration for this whole album” he says when speaking about the bands fifth studio recording. The choruses are hookier, the screams more savage, the riffs more vicious, the songs more powerful. This is the Cancer Bats at their pinnacle – their “True Zero.”

1 Satellites
2 True Zero
3 Arsenic In The Year Of The Snake
4 Beelzebub
5 Devil's Blood
6 Cursed With A Conscience
7 All Hail
8 Buds
9 Dusted
10 No More Bull Shit